17/Jan/2003 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    2. Power to sell, lease, and mortgage lands

    (1) It shall be lawful for the Perth Hebrew Congregation (Incorporated), subject to its rules and regulations in force for the time being

    (a) to sell any land granted or demised by the Crown or otherwise acquired and held in trust for the said congregation or for any of the purposes thereof, and to transfer or otherwise assure the same to a purchaser freed and absolutely discharged from any trusts to which the said land may be subject; and

    (b) to mortgage any such lands to secure moneys borrowed for the purpose of paying and discharging debts heretofore incurred and which are secured by existing mortgages of land of the said congregation, or to secure moneys which may hereafter be lawfully borrowed, and for the purpose of such security to assure such land to the mortgagee and his assigns freed and discharged from any such trusts as aforesaid; and

    (c) notwithstanding any such trusts, to lease any such land for any term with or without right of renewal and either by way of building lease or otherwise and subject to such covenants, conditions, and agreements as the said congregation may think fit.

    (2) No purchaser, mortgagee, or lessee of any such land shall be bound or concerned to inquire whether any power of sale, mortgage, or lease was duly and regularly made or exercised, or in anywise to see to the application of any purchase, mortgage, or other moneys, or to inquire into the necessity, regularity, or propriety of any such sale, mortgage, or lease, or be affected by notice that the same is irregular, unnecessary, or improper:

    Provided that no transfer or mortgage, and no lease for a term exceeding 21 years, of land granted by the Crown to or for the use or benefit of the said congregation without pecuniary consideration shall be valid unless countersigned as approved by the Governor with the advice of the Executive Council.

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