9. Matters to be considered

    (1) The Minister must not issue or renew a licence to use animals for scientific purposes unless the Minister is satisfied that

    (a) the scientific establishment either

    (i) has an animal ethics committee; or

    (ii) has made arrangements for the animal ethics committee for another scientific establishment to act as its animal ethics committee;


    (b) the scientific establishment complies with, and will continue to comply with, the scientific use code.

    (2) When considering an application for the issue or renewal of a licence the Minister is to have regard to

    (a) whether the applicant and the applicant's staff are experienced and competent

    (i) in the case of a licence to use animals for scientific purposes, in using animals for scientific purposes; and

    (ii) in all cases, in caring for and handling animals of the kind to be used or supplied;

    (b) whether the applicant has, or any of the applicant's staff or students have, been convicted of an offence under this Act in the previous 3 years;

    (c) whether a licence held by the applicant has ever been suspended or revoked or the applicant has ever been disqualified from holding a licence;

    (d) whether the welfare, safety and health of the animals is adequately protected;

    (e) any prescribed matters; and

    (f) whether, in all other respects, the Minister considers it appropriate for the applicant to hold the licence.

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