21. Compensation in certain cases to be paid to Registrar Clerk of Civil Court

    And be it enacted that when any compensation exceeding $40 shall be awarded as aforesaid in respect of land under mortgage or strict settlement, or any other settlement, or belonging to an infant, idiot, lunatic or to any person under any other disability or incapacity, or in case compensation to any amount below or above the said sum of $40 shall be awarded as aforesaid in respect of land, the title of which shall be in dispute between several claimants, or of which the owner cannot be discovered, or shall refuse to receive such compensation, or shall be absent from this Colony without any known agent competent to give a receipt for such compensation, then and in any of the said cases it shall be lawful to pay the amount of such compensation into the hands of the Registrar Clerk of the Civil Court, to abide the order, control and disposition of the said Court; which said Court, on the application of any person making claim to such compensation, or any part thereof, on motion or petition, is hereby empowered in a summary way of proceeding or otherwise, to order payment thereof to the person, or distribution thereof among the persons, entitled to such land, in such manner, time and proportion and upon such terms or otherwise as to the said Court shall seem just and reasonable; and the said Registrar Clerk shall give a receipt for any amount of compensation so paid to him, specifying therein by whom the same was paid, and in respect of what land, according to such particulars as shall be furnished to him by the person paying the same, and shall be entitled to demand for such receipt the sum of 10 cents.

    [Section 21 amended by No. 113 of 1965 s. 8(1); No. 28 of 2003 s. 128(2).]

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