21/Dec/2001 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    13. Power of entry and search

    (1) Any inspector may at any time

    (a) with or without assistants, enter any orchard, land, premises or house, or any structure used for the storage of fruit;

    (b) stop any conveyance or vessel and, with or without assistants, enter into or upon the conveyance or board the vessel,

    and may thoroughly search and inspect the same and every part thereof, and everything on or in the same, for the purpose of ascertaining whether the same is infected, and may for that purpose examine plants, fruit, coverings, and goods and other things, and dig up plants, open packages, and do all such other things (whether of the same nature as anything mentioned in this subsection or not) as he may deem necessary or expedient.

    (1a) An inspector may, in carrying out his functions under subsection (1), use any means of detection which the inspector considers appropriate including the use of

    (a) animals trained to detect specific substances; and

    (b) mechanical apparatus.

    (2) A person who, being in charge of a conveyance or vessel, fails to stop the conveyance or vessel when required so to do by a person who makes himself known as being an inspector, commits an offence against this Act.

    [Section 13 inserted by No. 53 of 1962 s. 5; amended by No. 22 of 1966 s. 6; No. 55 of 1981 s. 12; No. 54 of 1981 s. 13; No. 40 of 1993 s. 10.]

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