Western Australia

Anglican Church of Australia Lands Vesting Act 1892

An Act to vest in }The Perth Diocesan Trustees~ 2 Perth Building Lots Nos. 1 and 2, Section E, and to empower the said Trustees to sell the said lands, and for other purposes.

Long title amended by No. 34 of 1918 s. 11.]


Whereas by a certain Indenture of Conveyance, bearing date 10 May 1872 and made between Joseph Hardey of Perth in the Colony of Western Australia Gentleman and George Johnson of Guildford in the said Colony Gentleman of the first part, John Crane of Perth aforesaid Yeoman of the second part, and the Right Reverend Matthew Blagden Hale Doctor of Divinity Lord Bishop of Perth aforesaid of the third part, All those several pieces or parcels of land hereditaments and premises marked and known in the maps and books of the Survey Office as Building Lot No. 1 Section E and Building Lot No. 2 Section E with the appurtenances thereto respectively were granted unto and to the use of the said Lord Bishop of Perth and his successors Bishops of Perth for ever free from encumbrances to the end nevertheless that the said parcels of land hereditaments and premises might be used for the purposes of an Orphanage for male and female children and called The Perth Protestant Orphanage and subject to such Rules and Regulations as might from time to time be in force with reference to the said Orphanage and for no other use intent or purpose whatsoever; And whereas by virtue of the Acts of the Legislative Council of this Colony 38 Victoria No. 18 (now repealed) and 52 Victoria No. 2 3 all lands or other property vested at the time of the passing of the first mentioned Act in the said Right Reverend Matthew Blagden Hale as Trustee for the Church of England in Western Australia are now vested in the Diocesan Trustees of the Church of England in Western Australia 4; And whereas it is desirable that the said lands hereinbefore particularly mentioned should also be vested in the said Diocesan Trustees upon and subject to the same trusts and uses as the said Matthew Blagden Hale held the said lands but subject also to the provisions of this Act; And whereas the Committee of Management of the said Orphanage are desirous of selling the said lands and of employing the proceeds of such sale in the purchase of other lands more suitable for the purposes of the said Orphanage and in the erection of new buildings thereon:

Be it therefor enacted:

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