4. Act does not apply to certain persons

    (1) This Act does not apply to anything done by a legally qualified medical practitioner in the ordinary course of medical practice.

    (2) The provisions of this Act, other than section 52 and section 53, do not apply to anything done by a person who is a priest or minister of religion authorised as such to celebrate marriages under the law of the Commonwealth relating to the celebration of marriages in so far as he acts in accordance with the usual practices of his religion.

    (3) A teacher or student in the course of his teaching, studies or research in any university or other prescribed educational establishment may teach or practise psychology or any branch of psychology in so far as that is necessary or required for the purpose of such teaching, studies or research, but not otherwise, although not registered as a psychologist under this Act and to that extent the provisions of section 53 do not apply to any such person.

    (4) This Act shall not be construed so as to prevent anything being done in accordance with the rules by a person acting under the supervision and direction of a registered psychologist.

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