4. Powers to enable standard surveys and erecting survey marks

    An authorised land officer, or any surveyor specially authorised by him,

    (a) may enter and re-enter from time to time upon any land, or any public or private road, street or way, with such assistants as he thinks fit, for the purpose of making a standard survey;

    (b) may take materials from, or dig and bore into any land, road, street or way, so as to ascertain the nature of the soil, and may mark building, wall, or fence for the purpose of making a standard survey;

    (c) may fix or set up thereon or therein any standard survey mark which he considers advisable; and

    (d) may do all things necessary for carrying out such survey in accordance with any regulations in force for the time being, or for any inspection, renewal, repair, or alteration of any standard survey mark.

    [Section 4 amended by No. 126 of 1987 s. 48.]

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