2. New trustees incorporated

    THE Right Reverend Father in God Henry Hutton Parry, Doctor of Divinity, Lord Bishop of Perth; the Very Reverend Frederick Goldsmith, Dean of Perth; the Venerable James Brown, Archdeacon of Perth; Mr. Justice Edward Albert Stone; the Honourable Anthony O'Grady Lefroy, Esquire; and William Thorley Loton, Esquire, and their successors as appointed by Statute of the Synod, or to be appointed in accordance with the provisions of any Statute of Synod to be made and enacted hereafter, shall be and are hereby constituted a Corporation, by the name and style of 'The Perth Diocesan Trustees' 3; and by that name shall and may have perpetual succession and a common seal, to be by them from time to time altered as they shall think fit, and by the same name to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in all courts of law and equity, and shall exercise all the powers and perform all the functions and duties by the Statutes of Synod, now or hereafter to be enacted, directed and empowered and intended to be performed by the said Trustees; and the said Trustees shall have full power to acquire and hold for the said Church, by purchase, devise, or otherwise, all lands, tenements, and hereditaments, whatsoever of every tenure, and also all personal estates, and of conveying, assigning, demising, or otherwise disposing of such real and personal estate, and shall also have power to borrow and take up at interest any sum or sums of money for the purpose of erecting or improving, or aiding in erecting or improving, Churches, Parsonage Houses, or other buildings, or in the improvement of any freehold property or for the purpose of redeeming any mortgage or other security or charge or any part thereof respectively upon any lands or other property vested in the said Trustees: and for any such purpose to mortgage by deed under the said corporate seal such portions of the said lands, tenements, and hereditaments as may be necessary for securing the repayment of such moneys with interest thereon. And the said Trustees shall have power to take, hold, employ, and invest, all such real and personal estate as they shall deem advisable and shall be thereunto authorised by Statutes of Synod as aforesaid; but nevertheless only for the purposes of the Anglican Church of Australia so far as it is in the State4, subject to the performance of any Trusts upon which the said lands, tenements, hereditaments, and personal estate may have been acquired, and subject in all respects to the Statutes, orders, directions, and regulations of the said Synod. Provided, always, that no lands which have been, or shall, or may be hereafter given or granted by the Crown to or for the use or benefit of the said Church, without pecuniary consideration therefor, shall be conveyed, transferred, mortgaged, sold, or otherwise disposed of except with the consent of the Governor.

    [Section 2 amended by No. 34 of 1918 s. 7 and 11; No. 4 of 1960 s. 5; No. 121 of 1976 s. 7.]

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