44. Savings and transitional

    (1) In this section

    }former Board~ means The Chiropodists Registration Board constituted under the repealed Act;

    }pending proceedings~ means any proceeding before the former Board which was commenced prior to the coming into operation of this Act;

    }the repealed Act~ means the Act repealed by section 43.

    (2) A person who immediately before the coming into operation of this Act was registered as a chiropodist under the repealed Act shall upon the coming into operation of this Act be deemed to be registered as a podiatrist under this Act and a licence issued to such a person authorising him to practise chiropody during a period current when this Act comes into operation shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to be a certificate of registration issued under this Act.

    (3) The Register of Chiropodists kept under the repealed Act shall upon the coming into operation of this Act be deemed to be the Register referred to in section 12 and thereafter shall be subject in all respects to this Act.

    (4) Upon the coming into operation of this Act, all assets, including funds, and liabilities of the former Board shall be transferred to and vest in the Board without further assurance and the Board shall have all powers necessary to take possession of, recover and deal with such assets and discharge such liabilities.

    (5) Notwithstanding anything in this Act, for the purposes of completing and determining pending proceedings

    (a) the former Board shall continue;

    (b) if the office of any member of the former Board becomes vacant whether by effluxion of time or not, the Governor may

    (i) continue that person in office; or

    (ii) appoint another person to that office,

    but any person holding office pursuant to this subsection is subject to the provisions of the repealed Act.

    (6) Except as provided by this section, nothing in this section affects the operation of the Interpretation Act 1918 5.

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