9. Prohibition of discharge of oil or oily mixtures during transfer operations

    (1) In this section, }transfer operation~ means any operation that is involved in the preparation for, or in the commencement, carrying on or termination of, a transfer of oil or of an oily mixture to or from a ship or a place on land.

    (2) Where a discharge of oil or of an oily mixture into any State waters occurs by reason of a wrongful or negligent act or omission in a transfer operation, if that act or omission

    (a) occurred in a ship, the owner and the master of the ship each commits an offence;

    (b) occurred in a place on land, the occupier of that place commits an offence; or

    (c) related to any apparatus used for transferring oil or an oily mixture to or from a ship, the person in charge of the apparatus commits an offence.

    Penalty: If the offender is a natural person, $50 000 and if the offender is a body corporate, $250 000.

    (3) Nothing in this section affects the operation of section 8.

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