35. Absolute decree when party cannot be found

    That where in any suit to be commenced in the said Civil Court it shall be made to appear to the Court by affidavit that diligent search and inquiry has been made after any person made a defendant, who is only a trustee, to serve him with the process of the Court, and that he cannot be found, it shall be lawful for the said Court to hear and determine such cause and to make such absolute decree therein against every person who shall appear to the said Court to be only a trustee, and not otherwise concerned in interest in the matter in question, in such and the same manner as if such trustee had been duly served with the process of the Court and had appeared and filed his answer thereto, and had also appeared at the hearing of such cause: Provided always that no such decree shall bind, affect or in anywise prejudice any person against whom the same shall be made, without service of process upon him as aforesaid, his heirs, executors or administrators, for or in respect of any estate, right or interest which such person shall have at the time of making such decree for his own use or benefit, or otherwise than as a trustee as aforesaid.

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