16. Court may suspend and strike off Public Notaries

    (1) The Supreme Court (full bench), on the application of any person, may, on such terms and conditions as may seem fit

    (a) suspend any Public Notary from practice, and call in and detain his certificate; or

    (b) strike the name of any Public Notary off the roll, and cancel his certificate.

    (2) Where a practitioner of the Court, being a Public Notary, is suspended from practice or struck off the roll under the Legal Practice Act 2003, he shall, without further order, be suspended from practice as a Public Notary for a similar term, or be struck off the Roll of Notaries, as the case may be.

    [Section 16 amended by No. 65 of 2003 s. 57(4); No. 45 of 2004 s. 37.]

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