11. Contributions to Protection Fund

    (1) In this section

    }Authority~ means the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia established by the Public Transport Authority Act 2003 section 5;

    }expenditure~ means the expenditure of the Protection Board in carrying out the duties and exercising the powers conferred upon it by this and any other Act.

    (2) Without other authorization than the provisions of this Act, the Authority shall in each year make to the Protection Fund, for the purpose of assisting in meeting expenditure in respect of the control of, and the prohibition and regulation of the introduction of, declared plants and declared animals, and the general expenses of the Protection Board, a contribution of $6 000.

    [(3) repealed]

    (4) The provisions of this section requiring the Authority to make contributions to the Protection Fund shall not be construed so as to affect any responsibility of the Authority to comply with the provisions of the Agriculture Protection Act.

    (5) Nothing contained in this section shall limit or affect the expenditure of any other moneys or funds available for the purposes of this Act or the Agriculture Protection Act.

    [Section 11 amended by No. 84 of 1953 s.4; No. 17 of 1964 s.3; No. 113 of 1965 s.8(1); No. 97 of 1970 s.3; No. 25 of 1976 s.10; No. 31 of 2003 s. 140.]

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