28A. Alternative to bringing proceeding

    (1) Instead of making an allegation to the State Administrative Tribunal, if the Board

    (a) is of the opinion that a proceeding before the Tribunal is not warranted by the nature of the allegations;

    (b) has afforded to the person concerned the opportunity of giving an explanation to the Board either in person or in writing and is not satisfied by any explanation offered; and

    (c) has afforded to the person concerned the option of the matter proceeding before the Tribunal and that option has not been taken up,

    the Board may

    (d) order that the particulars entered in the Register in relation to that person be amended;

    (e) censure that person;

    (f) require that person to give an undertaking, either with or without security, for such period as is specified

    (i) in relation to his future conduct as a podiatrist; or

    (ii) to comply with such conditions as are specified in relation to his practice; or

    (g) order that person to pay to the Board a penalty not exceeding $250.

    (2) The Board may, in addition to or instead of imposing one or more of the penalties specified in subsection (1), order the person concerned to pay such costs and expenses of or incidental to the proceedings as the Board thinks fit.

    (3) Where any penalty, costs or expenses are ordered to be paid under this section the amount ordered to be paid shall be recoverable in any court of competent jurisdiction as a debt due to the Board.

    [Section 28A inserted by No. 55 of 2004 s. 955.]

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