88. Licensee's liability for employees, agents

    (1) Where a licence is held by a natural person and an employee or agent of the licensee commits an offence against this Act for which the licensee would have been liable had it been committed by him or her, the licensee is to be treated as having committed an offence and is liable to the penalty prescribed for the offence committed by the employee or agent.

    (2) Proceedings under this section may be taken against a licensee whether or not proceedings are taken against the employee or agent and whether or not the employee or agent was convicted of the offence.

    (3) In proceedings taken under this section

    (a) it is not a defence that the licensee did not know, or could not reasonably have been aware of or have prevented the offence being committed by the employee or agent;

    (b) it is a defence, proof of which is on the licensee, that the licensee had taken reasonable steps to prevent the commission of the offence.

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