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    22. Registration of pharmaceutical chemists

    (1) When any person has applied to the Council to be registered as a pharmaceutical chemist under this Act, and has proved to the satisfaction of the Council that

    (a) he has attained the age of 18 years;

    (b) he is entitled to apply for registration by virtue of compliance with the requirements of
    section 21;

    (c) the certificate or diploma testifying to his qualification was after examination duly obtained by him from a society, college or board of pharmacy recognised by the regulations, and since obtaining that certificate or diploma his name has not been removed from the register of any country for any cause that would disqualify him from being registered under this Act; and

    (d) he has such an adequate knowledge of the English language as to be able readily and intelligibly to speak, read and write that language,

    the Council may register the person as a pharmaceutical chemist under this Act by causing his name to be registered in the register in accordance with the provisions of section 20(2), or the Council may refuse to register the person.

    (2) A person registered as a pharmaceutical chemist under this Act may, upon payment of any fee that may be prescribed in relation thereto, obtain from the Council a certificate, in the form contained in the Third Schedule that he has been duly registered as a pharmaceutical chemist.

    (3) Where the Council refuses to register a person as a pharmaceutical chemist under this section, that person may apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review of the refusal.

    [Section 22 amended by No. 98 of 1975 s. 7; No. 26 of 1977 s. 3; No. 55 of 2004 s. 927.]

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