25/Oct/2002 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    3. Interpretation

    (1) In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears

    }Board~ means the Port Kennedy Management Board established under section 12;

    }Company~ has the same meaning as in the Agreement;

    }Crown Grant~ has the same meaning as in the Land Act 1933 2;

    }Department of Land Administration~ means the department of the Public Service of the State principally assisting the Minister to whom the Land Act 1933 2 is for the time being committed, in the administration of that Act;

    }development area~ has the same meaning as in the Agreement;

    }Environmental Approval~ has the same meaning as in the Agreement;

    }member~ means member of the Board;

    }Port Kennedy area~ means the area bordered in blue and shown as the Port Kennedy area on Plan No. 1744;

    }Registrar of Titles~ has the meaning given by the Transfer of Land Act 1893;

    }stage 2 area~ means stage 2 as that term is defined in the Agreement;

    }the Agreement~ means the Agreement a copy of which is set out in Schedule 1.

    (2) A reference in this Act to a plan by number is a reference to the miscellaneous plan of that number held by the Graphic Bank Crown Surveys within the Department of Land Administration.

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