2. Interpretation

    In this Act

    }company~ means Phosphate Co-Operative (W.A.) Ltd., a company incorporated under the Act on the sixteenth day of October, 1973;

    }directors~ means the directors of the company;

    }first prospectus~ means the prospectus issued by the company and dated the eleventh day of March, 1974;

    }further prospectus~ means a further prospectus issued after the commencement of this Act but prior to the first day of July, 1975 seeking applications for shares in the company;

    }initial applicant~ means any person who, on or after the issue of the first prospectus, but before the commencement of this Act, applied for shares in the company and }initial application~ means the application by which an initial applicant so applied;

    }Registrar~ has the same meaning as is given thereto in the Act;

    }the Act~ means the Companies (Co-operative) Act 1943-1959.

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