19. Memorial of award to be registered; award may be entered on title

    And be it enacted that the award of such valuators as aforesaid may be concisely entered on the back of the title deed of either or both of the parties, if produced to them for that purpose, and that a memorial thereof shall be registered in the usual manner in the Registry Office of this Colony at the expense of the owner of such house or structure as aforesaid, and when so registered shall have the effect of a valid conveyance in fee simple by all necessary parties of such piece of land to the owner of such house or structure; and notwithstanding any incapacity or disability on the part of the owner or owners of such piece of land at the date of such award, but subject nevertheless to all settlements, incumbrances, estates or interests whatsoever to which the person or persons bona fide dealing with such land as his, her or their property previously to such award shall have professed to subject the same; and subject also to all judgments, incumbrances and claims by operation of law, affecting at the date of such award the general property of the person or persons taking such land under such award.

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