3A. Cathedral Square land, trusts varied

    (1) The provisions of this section apply notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, any provision of any other Act, or any provision of a trust upon which any land in Cathedral Square may have been acquired or held before the coming into operation of this section1, and any such trust is, to the necessary extent, hereby varied accordingly.

    (2) All land in Cathedral Square shall be held on trust for the ecclesiastical purposes of the Cathedral, the Diocese, and the Province in accordance with this section.

    (3) The rents issues and profits derived by the Trustees from Cathedral Square and all moneys raised on mortgage thereof or any part thereof and the proceeds of sale (if any) and any other capital proceeds thereof or any part thereof and interest thereon and any accumulation of any such rents issues profits money proceeds and interest shall, after deducting fees and commissions charged pursuant to section 3BA, be applied by the Trustees

    (a) firstly to

    (i) all rates and taxes (if any) payable in respect thereof;

    (ii) all costs and expenses of and incidental to the maintenance and repair and insurance of all the buildings and all other improvements on or forming portion of Cathedral Square and the Deanery and other usual property outgoings;

    (iii) interest payable on any mortgages on all or any part of Cathedral Square or the Deanery;

    (iv) commitments on any mortgage on all or any part of Cathedral Square or the Deanery including the payment of such amount of principal on any such mortgage as the Trustees may decide to pay from time to time in reduction thereof;

    (v) such annual amounts as are agreed between the Cathedral Chapter and the Trustees in or towards a sinking fund to provide for the amortization of the costs of the improvements erected on Cathedral Square and any plant, floor coverings, furnishings, or any property of whatever kind contained within such improvements; and

    (vi) the cost of the provision and maintenance of a Deanery whenever and wherever required;


    (b) as to the balance thereof after those applications, in distributions towards the needs of any one or more of the Cathedral, the Diocese, and the Province in accordance with the determinations and directions of the Foundation under section 3B(11)(b).

    (4) A distribution to a parish or to the Cathedral Chapter pursuant to subsection (3)(b) shall not be subject to assessment by any Synod of the Church in the Province as income of the parish or the Cathedral Chapter, as the case may be.

    (5) Any act, matter, or thing, for or with respect to which provision is made in this section, made, done, or executed before the coming into operation of this section which would have been lawful if this section had been in force at the time such act, matter, or thing was made, done, or executed is hereby validated.

    [Section 3A inserted by No. 55 of 1973 s. 3; amended by No. 101 of 1975 s. 2.]

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