3. Subject to priorities charge created in favour of grower of certain crops

    Whenever crops are subject to a bill of sale then, notwithstanding the provisions of any other Act, there is hereby created in favour of the grower of such crops a charge on such crops to the extent of three shillings per acre in respect of so much of the area sown with such crops as does not exceed five hundred acres, and one shilling per acre on so much of such area as exceeds five hundred acres.

    Provided that such charge in favour of the grower shall be subject to the following conditions:

    (a) It shall rank immediately after any other statutory charge and any advance for or towards the cost (as ascertained in the prescribed manner) of growing, harvesting, and carting such crops made under any bill of sale.

    (b) It shall be paid or satisfied in priority to all other moneys secured by any bill of sale.

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