3. Interpretation

    In this Act

    }Anzac Day~ means 25 April in each year;

    }dependant~, in relation to a deceased person, includes a person who, immediately before the death of the person, was a spouse, de facto partner or child of the person;

    }race meeting~ means a meeting of persons for the purpose of holding or conducting horse racing, trotting racing, or greyhound racing;

    }racing club~ means any club, company, association or body of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, formed for the purpose of promoting horse racing, trotting racing, or greyhound racing;

    }sports~ means motor car races, motor cycle races, bicycle races, or foot races, or cricket matches, football matches, soccer matches, hockey matches, or baseball matches, or any other game, exercise, pastime or contest of a kind usually held, conducted, carried on, contested or decided on a ground, which are held in any building or on any ground to which persons are admitted on payment of a fee or charge for admission, or are admitted without payment of any such fee or charge but prior to or during the holding of the sports or after their conclusion a donation is sought from the persons attending those sports by or on behalf of the person, club, association or body holding the same; but does not include horse races, trotting races, or greyhound races;

    }Trust~ means the body corporate constituted under this Act as The Anzac Day Trust;

    }Trustee~ means a person occupying the office of Trustee of the Trust, including the office of chairman.

    [Section 3 amended by No. 14 of 1964 s. 2; No. 9 of 1975 s. 2; No. 28 of 2003 s. 12.]

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