14. On appointment Public Notaries to sign roll and receive certificate

    (1) The Roll of Notaries shall be kept by the Registrar of the Court containing the names of General Public Notaries and District Public Notaries, and, in the latter case, the districts for which they are appointed.

    (2) Every person appointed a Public Notary shall, after making the oath as provided in section 13, be entitled to be enrolled.

    (3) The Registrar, on the application of any enrolled person shall, from time to time, issue him a certificate in the prescribed form, which shall indicate whether the person is a General Public Notary or a District Public Notary and, in the latter case, shall specify the district for which he is appointed, and the Registrar shall affix the seal of the Court to the certificate.

    (4) The Roll of Notaries shall, during office hours, be open to the inspection of any person without fee or reward, and a certificate under the hand of the Registrar as to any matter appearing in or by the Roll of Notaries shall be conclusive evidence thereof.

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