18. When demand on trustee

    Where any person is or shall be jointly or solely seized or possessed of any lands or entitled to a contingent right therein, upon any trust, and a demand shall have been made upon such trustee by a person entitled to require a conveyance or assignment of such lands, or a duly authorised agent of such lastmentioned person, requiring such trustee to convey or assign the same, or to release such contingent right, it shall be lawful for the said Civil Court, if the said Court shall be satisfied that such trustee has wilfully refused or neglected to convey or assign the said lands for the space of twenty-eight days after such demand, to make an order vesting such lands in such person or persons, in such manner and for such estate as the said Court shall direct; or releasing such contingent right in such manner as the said Court shall direct; and the order shall have the same effect as if the trustee had duly executed a conveyance or assignment of the lands, or a release of such right in the same manner for the same estate.

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