8. Rules

    (1) The Board may, subject to the approval of the Governor, make rules for all or any of the following purposes

    (a) regulating the meetings and proceedings of the Board and the conduct of its business;

    (b) enabling the Board to constitute committees of the Board, which may consist of members of the Board or persons who are not members but so that in every case at least 1 member of the Board shall be a member of the committee and the committee shall be required to report to the Board on its activities at such times as the Board determines, and for regulating the proceedings of such committees;

    (c) determining the evidence to be produced and conditions to be fulfilled by any person applying for registration under this Act;

    (d) regulating the manner of keeping and the form of the Register;

    (e) prescribing the fees to be paid in relation to the grant, amendment or renewal of registration, and the fees or charges that shall be payable in relation to other matters under this Act, other than the commencement of a proceeding before the State Administrative Tribunal;

    (f) prescribing the forms to be used for the purposes of this Act, and requiring that information supplied may be required to be verified by statutory declaration;

    (g) regulating the manner of making to the Board any charge or complaint against or concerning any podiatrist;

    (h) regulating the practice of podiatry by persons registered under this Act and the conduct of that practice;

    (i) regulating the manner in which podiatrists may advertise or display or publicise their practice of podiatry;

    (j) providing for the Board to adopt a common seal and prescribing the manner in which the common seal of the Board may be affixed to documents and the manner in which documents issued by the Board may be authenticated;

    (k) prescribing the fees and allowances payable to members from the funds of the Board;

    (l) regulating the issue, cancellation, removal and replacement of certificates; and

    (m) generally to give effect to the objects of this Act.

    (2) Rules made under this section may confer on any person a discretionary authority.

    (3) Failure to comply with rules made under this section in relation to the practice of podiatry may be deemed to constitute improper conduct on the part of a podiatrist for the purposes of section 28(1)(e), but nothing in this section prevents any matter not dealt with in the rules made under this section from being treated for the purposes of this Act as improper conduct as a podiatrist.

    [Section 8 amended by No. 55 of 2004 s. 950.]

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