8. Licence to permit removal of bodies for anatomical examination

    Subject to this Act the Minister may, by a licence under his hand, authorise the principal medical officer of the State, the chief executive officer within the meaning of that expression as defined in section 3 of the Prisons Act 1981, the inspector general of the insane, or any resident or honorary medical officer connected with any public institution supported wholly or in part from the general revenue, to permit the body of any person who dies in any penal establishment, hospital, or other public institution aforesaid controlled by him or with which he is connected as aforesaid, to be removed therefrom for the purpose of anatomical examination at some authorised school of anatomy, unless to the knowledge of such licensee the deceased person has expressed his desire, either in writing at any time during his life, or verbally in the presence of 2 or more witnesses during the illness whereof he died, that his body after death might not undergo such examination, or unless the senior next of kin of the deceased person requires the body to be interred or cremated without such examination. A printed copy of this section shall be posted in the entrance hall or other conspicuous place of every such penal establishment, hospital, or public institution, except hospitals for the insane.

    [Section 8 amended by No. 31 of 1993 s. 4; No. 28 of 2003 s. 5.]

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