24. Regulations

    (1) The Governor may make regulations prescribing all matters that are required or permitted by this Act to be prescribed, or are necessary or convenient to be prescribed, for giving effect to the objects and purposes of this Act.

    (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), regulations made under this Act

    (a) may provide that the maximum residue limit prescribed in respect of an agricultural chemical is nil, and, where regulations so provide, the presence of any at all of the agricultural chemical residue concerned shall be taken to be in excess of the maximum residue limit; and

    (b) may prescribe in respect of an agricultural chemical different maximum residue limits applicable in different circumstances or according to different factors, as specified.

    (3) Regulations may be made under this Act

    (a) so as to apply

    (i) generally or to any specified class or classes of case or subject-matter;

    (ii) at all times or at any specified time or times;

    (iii) throughout the State or in any specified part or parts of the State;

    (b) so that different regulations apply to different areas, or different classes of persons or things, or in different circumstances, or so that regulations apply differently according to such factors as may be specified;

    (c) so as to require a matter affected by them to be

    (i) in accordance with a specified standard or specified requirement; or

    (ii) as approved by, or to the satisfaction of, a specified person or body, or a specified class of person or body;

    (d) so as to confer on or delegate to a specified person or body, or a specified class of person or body, a discretionary authority;

    (e) so as to provide that, in specified cases or a specified class of case or specified classes of cases, whether on specified conditions or unconditionally, persons or things or a class or classes of persons or things may be exempted from the provisions of the regulations, either wholly or to such extent as is specified.

    (4) In subsections (2) and (3) }specified~ means specified in regulations.

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