16. Regulations

    (1) The Governor may make regulations which appear to him to be necessary or convenient for effectually carrying out the objects and purposes of this Act and may prescribe as the maximum penalty for a breach of the regulations, which is not a continuing breach, a penalty not exceeding $2 000, and where the breach is a continuing breach, such maximum penalty as does not exceed $2 000 and an additional amount of $200 for each day during which the breach continues.

    (2) Without affecting the generality of the power conferred by subsection (1), the Governor by the regulations

    (a) may require the owner or occupier of premises to make such preparations in or on the premises as are specified by the regulations or in writing by an authorised person, for facilitating or ensuring the effective carrying out of treatment under this Act of the premises;

    (b) may, where treatment of premises has been carried out under this Act, prohibit within such period of the treatment as is specified in the regulations, the owner or occupier of the premises from adversely affecting the treatment in any manner specified by the regulations or in writing by an authorised person, including watering, top-dressing, burning-off, or digging-in any part of the premises which has received treatment;

    (c) may authorise the Minister, where the owner or occupier of premises has not complied with the requirements of, or requisitioned under, the regulations to cause the requirements to be carried out at his expense and, without prejudicing his liability, if any, to penalty, to recover the amount expended from him in a court of competent jurisdiction; and

    (d) may prohibit, or impose restrictions on, the doing or omission of anything which will result, or be likely to result, in ants being introduced into an area which is free of ants or is about to be, is being, or has been subjected to treatment.

    [Section 16 amended by No. 20 of 1989 s. 3.]

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