2. Authority to transfer land

    It shall be lawful for the Association, with the approval of the Governor, to transfer portion of Perth town lot O5 being (firstly) lot 8 on diagram 3681, together with a right of carriage-way over portion of lot 10 on the said diagram, as described and delineated on the map on the certificate of title and (secondly) lot 6 on the said diagram, being the whole of the land contained in certificate of title volume 1042, folio 740, now vested in it as aforesaid, to the Perth Dental Hospital Board for an estate in fee simple, subject to existing easements and encumbrances, and on production of the said transfer the Registrar of Titles shall cause such transfer to be duly registered on the title of the said land and shall issue a certificate of title to the said Perth Dental Hospital Board for the land comprised in such transfer subject to existing encumbrances.

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