19. Delegation by Authority

    (1) The Authority may delegate to a person a power or duty of the Authority under another provision of this Act or under any other Act except the Public Works Act 1902 or the Rail Freight System Act 2000.

    (2) The delegation must be in writing executed by the Authority.

    (3) If a person is not employed by the Authority, a power or duty can only be delegated to the person under this section if the person has been approved for the purposes of this section by the Minister.

    (4) An approval under subsection (3) may be given in respect of

    (a) a specified person or persons of a specified class; or

    (b) the holder or holders for the time being of a specified office or class of office.

    (5) A person to whom a power or duty is delegated under this section cannot delegate that power or duty.

    (6) A person exercising or performing a power or duty that has been delegated to the person under this section is to be taken to do so in accordance with the terms of the delegation unless the contrary is shown.

    (7) Nothing in this section limits the ability of the Authority to perform a function through a member of its staff or an agent.

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