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    7. Powers and duties of chief executive officer

    (1) Subject to this Act and to the control of the Minister, the chief executive officer is responsible for the management, control, and security of all prisons and the welfare of all prisoners.

    (2) The chief executive officer is responsible to the Minister for the proper operation of every prison and shall notify the Minister as soon as practicable of

    (a) any escape by a prisoner from lawful custody; and

    (b) any accident, serious irregularity, or any other unusual event which affects the good order or security of a prison.

    (3) The chief executive officer has all of the powers conferred by or under this Act on a superintendent or other officer and may review, vary or rescind an order or direction given by a superintendent or other officer.

    (4) All courts and all persons having in Western Australia, by law or by consent of the parties, authority to hear, receive, and examine evidence shall take judicial notice of the signature of every person who is or was the chief executive officer and the fact that such person holds or held that office.

    [Section 7 amended by No. 47 of 1987 s. 11; No. 113 of 1987 s .32; No. 43 of 1999 s. 6.]

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