2. Interpretation

    (1) In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears

    }agricultural products~ or }products~ means and includes agricultural, farm, orchard, garden and dairy products and in particular, and without limiting the foregoing, fruit trees and fruit vines;

    }code~ means a code formulated under section 3F;

    }Department~ means the department of the Government principally assisting the Minister to administer this Act;

    }Director General~ means the Director General of Agriculture appointed under the Part 3 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994;

    }inspector~ means an inspector appointed under this Act or under the Plant Diseases Act 1914;

    }lot~ means any quantity of loose agricultural products not contained in a package including fruit trees or vines, whether sold singly or in quantities;

    }package~ means any box, case, bag, sack, material, receptacle, or container used or capable of being used or intended to be used for containing or wrapping agricultural products;

    }place~ includes farm, garden, orchard, road, railway station, wharf, pier, jetty, vessel, factory, warehouse, market, stall, shop, store, yard, shed, barrow, and any vehicle, stand, or premises whatsoever;

    }relevant code~ in relation to an agricultural product or class of agricultural products is the code formulated in relation to the agricultural product or class of agricultural products, as the case may be, by the Minister;

    }sell~ includes

    (a) to offer, expose, consign, send or deliver for or on sale;

    (b) to receive for sale;

    (c) to cause or suffer to be sold, or received for sale;

    (d) to attempt to do any of the acts or things mentioned in paragraph (a), (b) or (c),

    and the words }sale~ and }sold~ shall be construed accordingly.

    (2) In this Act unless the contrary intention appears a reference to }this Act~ includes a reference to a code.

    [Section 2 amended by No. 6 of 1940 s.2; No. 16 of 1966 s.2; No. 44 of 1968 s.2; No. 82 of 1974 s.3; No. 61 of 1983 s.4; No. 4 of 1991 ss.3 and 11; No. 32 of 1994 s.5.]

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