Western Australia

St. Catherine's Hall, Greenough, Act 1981

An Act to vest portion of Victoria Location 848 containing 3 649 square metres and being the whole of the land comprised in Certificate of Title Volume 64, Folio 169 and the building situated thereon, known as St. Catherine's Hall, Greenough, in The National Trust of Australia (W.A.) and for incidental purposes.



(a) by transfer registered at the Office of Titles, Western Australia on 5 January 1895 portion of Victoria Location 848, comprising 3 642 square metres, now being the whole of the land comprised in Certificate of Title Volume 64 Folio 169 (hereinafter referred to as the land) was transferred to ROBERT ELLIOTT, ARTHUR CLINCH, REUBEN BACKSHALL, DAVID DUNCAN and CHARLES DUNCAN (hereinafter referred to as the proprietors);

(b) although the land is not subject to any express trust the land was acquired by the proprietors as trustees for the St. Catherines Hall Committee, (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) an unincorporated body formed for the purpose of managing and maintaining a building known as St. Catherines Hall which was erected on the land for the use and benefit of the community at Greenough;

(c) the proprietors are currently the registered proprietors of the land;

(d) Arthur Clinch died on 8 August 1933, Reuben Backshall died on 20 November 1935, Charles Duncan died on 9 September 1936 and David Duncan died on 9 September 1937;

(e) no trace can be found of the death or present whereabouts of Robert Elliott, who was priest in charge of the Church of England parish of Greenough from 1892 to 1898;

(f) although the Committee has continued to manage and maintain St.Catherines Hall, the record of its activities is incomplete and no new trustees have been appointed to replace the proprietors, who have either died or disappeared;

(g) the Committee desires to donate the land, together with the building or buildings situated thereon, to The National Trust of Australia (W.A.) (hereinafter referred to as The Trust), a body established under the National Trust of Australia (W.A.) Act 1964, and The Trust has agreed to accept the gift, pursuant to and for the purposes of that Act;

(h) to vest the land in The Trust it is expedient to enact this Act.

Be it enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

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