10A. Agreements for dispatch of bodies to approved schools of anatomy outside the State

    (1) The Executive Director may, from time to time, with the approval of the Minister, make any agreement, and from time to time revoke or vary the same, with any person in charge of any school of anatomy established under the laws of any other State of Australia for the despatch to such school of anatomy for anatomical examination of bodies of deceased persons from the State of Western Australia and for the regulation of the conditions and manner under and in which any such bodies should be despatched or transported: Provided that every such agreement shall, as well as including any other conditions required by the Executive Director to be included therein, include a provision by which the person in charge of any such school of anatomy shall agree that he, the person in charge of any such school of anatomy, shall make provision that such body, after undergoing anatomical examination, be decently interred in consecrated ground if so desired by the senior next of kin or in some public burying ground in use for persons of that religious persuasion to which the deceased person whose body was so received belonged, or be cremated, and that a certificate of the interment or cremation of such body shall be transmitted to the Executive Director within 12 weeks after the day on which such body was received for examination as aforesaid.

    (2) It shall be lawful for the Executive Director or any person authorised by him in that behalf to receive bodies for despatch and to despatch such bodies in pursuance of any agreement made under subsection (1) to any such school of anatomy: Provided that a certificate or record such as is mentioned in section 12 is delivered together with the body to the Executive Director or to the person receiving the body.

    (3) In shall be lawful for any person who has power under this Act to permit, cause or direct the body of any deceased person to undergo anatomical examination at some authorised school of anatomy, to permit, cause or direct such body to be delivered to the Executive Director or to any person authorised by the Executive Director to receive such bodies for despatch to any school of anatomy pursuant to any agreement made under subsection (1): Provided that any such body shall be delivered in such manner and under such conditions as the Executive Director shall direct.

    [Section 10A inserted by No. 20 of 1946 s. 3; amended by No. 28 of 1984 s. 5; No. 40 of 1998 s. 7(2); No. 28 of 2003 s. 8.]

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