21/Dec/2001 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    11. Obligation to carry out treatment for plant diseases

    (1) Whenever any disease to which this section applies exists or appears in any orchard, the occupier of the orchard shall take or cause to be taken such steps, and adopt such measures, as are prescribed as appropriate steps to be taken, and measures to be adopted, in order to eradicate such disease and prevent the spread thereof.

    Penalty: $5 000.

    (2) The diseases to which this section applies are such diseases as are for the time declared by any regulation to be subject to the provisions of this section.

    (3) Whenever an inspector shall discover that a breach of this section has been committed he may take or cause to be taken all or any of the steps and adopt all or any of the measures aforesaid, and may also take and adopt any other step or measure which is authorised by the regulations, and the expenses of or incidental to any action taken by an inspector hereunder shall be recoverable from the person guilty of the breach.

    [Section 11 4 inserted by No. 4 of 1925 s. 2 as s. 8A; amended by No. 6 of 1926 s. 2; No. 22 of 1966 s. 3; No. 55 of 1981 s. 12; No 51 of 1984 s. 10.]

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