2. Interpretation

    In this Act unless the context requires otherwise

    }managing body~ means a board as defined by section 2 of the Hospitals and Health Services Act 1927, but does not include the Minister to whom the administration of that Act is committed in relation to any public hospital controlled by him under section 7 of that Act;

    }medical student~ means a person who studies medicine;

    }medicine~ means all or any of the branches of medicine or surgery or both;

    }mental health hospital~ means a public hospital that the regulations provide is to be regarded as a mental health hospital for the purposes of this Act;

    }public hospital~ has the same meaning as in section 2 of the Hospitals and Health Services Act 1927, and includes

    (a) a hospital established under Part X of the Health Act 1911; and

    (b) a mental health hospital;

    }Senate~ means the Senate constituted pursuant to the University of Western Australia Act 1911;

    }teaching hospital~ means a public hospital which

    (a) has been declared under section 3(1); and

    (b) has not ceased by reason of a declaration made under section 3(2),

    to be a teaching hospital to which the provisions of this Act apply.

    [Section 2 amended by No. 21 of 1985 s. 2; No. 103 of 1994 s. 18; No. 69 of 1996 s. 92.]

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