10/Jun/1999 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    19. Duration of general and restricted licences

    (1) Subject to section 22, unless sooner surrendered a general licence or a restricted licence shall remain in force for one year beginning on the day therein specified, and may he renewed from time to time.

    (2) In the event of the death of the holder of a general licence or restricted licence, that licence shall, subject to section 8(6), be deemed to have been granted to his legal personal representative and shall, unless previously transferred to some other person or cancelled or surrendered, remain in force until the end of the period of 3 months beginning with the death and shall then expire, so however that the court may extend or further extend that period if the magistrate is satisfied that the extension is necessary for the purpose of winding up the deceased's estate and that no other circumstances make it undesirable.

    (3) Where an application is made for the renewal of a general licence or a restricted licence after, but within 3 months of, the date on which that licence expired, the magistrate if satisfied that no other circumstances make it undesirable, may renew that licence and in that event the renewal of the licence shall be deemed for all purposes to have taken effect on the day immediately succeeding the date on which the previous licence expired.

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