23. Temporary registration

    (1) A person who is in the State or proposes to come to the State and who satisfies the Board that

    (a) he is a person of good character;

    (b) he proposes to engage in practice in the State as a podiatrist in special circumstances and that hardship would be occasioned by any delay in the grant of registration; and

    (c) he possesses qualifications and experience appropriate to that purpose,

    may, upon application in the prescribed form to the Board, be granted by the Board a temporary registration for that purpose and may be granted a certificate of temporary registration.

    (2) Where, on the consideration of an application for registration, the Board is of the opinion that it would grant registration if satisfactory evidence were produced, and that it is likely that the requisite evidence will be produced, the Board may, on payment of the prescribed fee, grant a certificate of temporary registration.

    (3) The Board may grant temporary registration on an honorary basis for specified periods to persons of eminence within the field of podiatry, so recognized by the Board, who may visit the State to teach and demonstrate methods and techniques of podiatry.

    (4) A certificate of temporary registration has effect, unless earlier cancelled by the Board, for such period not exceeding 3 months as is specified in the certificate and it may be renewed by the Board for a period or periods of not more than 12 months in total in respect of each such application.

    (5) Temporary registration granted under this section may be made subject to such limitations and restrictions upon the practice of podiatry by the applicant as the Board in any particular case specifies and such limitations and restrictions shall be indicated on the certificate of temporary registration granted to the applicant.

    (6) The Board may at any time cancel any temporary registration granted or renewed under this section, or may vary any limitation or restriction to which it was made subject.

    (7) Every person in respect of whom temporary registration is granted shall, while the registration remains in force and so long as he does not infringe the restrictions or limitations to which it was made subject, be deemed to be registered as a podiatrist under this Act, and his name and such other particulars as the Board considers to be material shall be entered in the Register as a person to whom temporary registration has been granted.

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