13. Bunbury Trustees may sell etc. certain lands free from trusts

    (1) The Bunbury Diocesan Trustees are hereby authorised and empowered, with the consent and subject to any statute of the Synod, to exercise any of the following powers in relation to the lands known as }Bunbury Building Lots, Nos. 221 and 298~, situate in the local government district of Bunbury.

    (a) To sell the said lands or any portion thereof with the buildings thereon, and to transfer or otherwise assure the same to a purchaser or purchasers freed and absolutely discharged from any trusts to which the said lands or any portion thereof may be subject whether declared by deed or otherwise.

    (b) To mortgage such lands or any portion thereof, and for the purpose of any security to assure the same to the mortgagee, freed and discharged from any such trusts as aforesaid.

    (c) To lease such lands or any portion thereof, notwithstanding such trusts for any term with or without a right of renewal or option of purchase and by way of building or improvement lease or otherwise, and subject to such covenants, conditions, and agreements as they may think fit.

    (2) The net moneys raised on the security, or by the sale of the said lands or any part thereof, shall be applied for or towards the building of a church in Bunbury, and a minister's residence and other buildings in connection with such church or residence or for or towards the maintenance and repair of any such buildings or for or towards the endowment of the Cathedral as the Bunbury Diocesan Trustees may approve and direct.

    [Section 13 amended by No. 56 of 1956 s. 2; No. 14 of 1996 s. 4.]

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